Listening test demo

The purpose of this online listening test is to demonstrate the principle of an online listening test. The purpose of a listening test is generally to ask people to describe or compare a few sounds. Sometimes this helps people make products that sound better (think of the pleasant sound of your neighbour's washing machine) and sometimes it's just for fun (or research). The purpose of a listening test is not to test your hearing. That's a hearing test, duh!

The immediate aim of this short demo is to set up a framework for online listening tests for the Acoutect project,, and later use it for other projects as well.

Your responses are anonymous. The form is submitted anonymously using the formspree framework. More information here:

After collecting enough responses we will process the data and compute some fancy statistics and acoustical indicators. If you would like to receive the results (most likely a link or a PDF document in a couple of months) feel free to leave your email at the end. (This is optional, of course!)

This page and its source code are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. This means that you are free to share and adapt it as long as you release any derivative works under the same license or a compatible license. The GitLab repository of this project is here:

Before you start

Make sure you are in a quiet place, use good headphones if possible, avoid using your laptop loudspeakers, etc. The test should take MM minutes to complete. Feel free to play the sounds multiple times.

Sound check

Adjust the sound level of your device such that this sounds natural (not too soft or too loud) and leave it there for the whole test. (If you don't hear anything, try another browser or device!)

Sound check

Thanks a lot for your participation!

A few preliminary questions What is your age range?

How sensitive are you to noise?
Doesn't bother me I'm very sensitive

How good is your hearing?
I shouldn't be doing this test I have super-hearing abilities

How often are you annoyed by noise?

What kind of noises bother you the most?

Thank you for your input! The test starts right below.

Listen to this sound:


How would you describe it?
Dull Sharp
Mild Harsh
Ugly Beautiful
Pleasant Annoying
The end Choosing an appropriate answer to the questions was:
Easy Difficult