Jacques Cuenca

A few lines of code

A web framework for listening tests

A rudimentary web framework for performing psychoacoustic listening tests. A demo is available here.

listening test


Watch unlimited noise for free! (The sound seems to work only on Firefox for now.)


COVID-19 data visualisation

A simple python script for representing COVID-19 data in various ways, based on requests to https://api.covid19api.com.

Project page: https://gitlab.com/jcuenca/covid-19-visualisation

article generator

Minimalistic Bash games

[link to gitlab coming soon]

Article generator

Generates insightful articles by randomly mixing words from one or several text files, using a rudimentary prediction procedure.

article generator

Currency speculation game

A buy-and-sell game for learning to surf on the waves of currency conversion.

currency speculation game

Tunnel game

A tunnel adventure.

Tunnel game

8 queens puzzle

The purpose of the 8 queens puzzle is to place all 8 queens in a non-attacking configuration on an 8×8 chess board. This Bash implementation allows the user to play the game with N queens on an N×N chess board. The number of solutions of the puzzle grows as a function of its size N. The resulting numerical sequence is covered in detail in the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. A general description of the puzzle can be found on Wikipedia.

Queens puzzle

Queens puzzle

Conway's game of life

The game of life is a cellular automaton zero-player game invented by John Conway in 1970 that models the evolution of a population over time, starting from an arbitrary configuration of alive and dead cells on a square grid. The immediate outcome of a given cell is determined by the number of neighbours it has, which represents local stability, under/overpopulation and reproduction. This 30-line implementation uses periodic boundary conditions and has no pretension on computational performance.

game of life

Langton's ant

Langton's ant is a cellular automaton zero-player game that consists of an ant following simple rules to take left or right turns and flip the colour of the cells of a grid.

Langton's ant


A simplistic implementation of the classic game.



A 50-line cloning challenge.



A 100-line cloning challenge.


Fractal pages

Self-referencing web pages using iframes and a bit of PHP (use at your (browser's) own risk!)

Fractal web page 1

Fractal web page 2

Support free software

All the code provided here is released under a free software license and written in my free time. If you find value in it you can directly support my work by making a donation. Also consider supporting the Free Software Foundation and the Free Software Foundation Europe for their work in protecting user freedom. Thank you!

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